The Legacy of Joseph Wagenbach

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We left the Field Office to walk towards Wagenbach's house, wearing white lab coats. The archivist knocked on the door before turning her key. We squeezed inside. Stale air. Dim light. Shapes formed in corners and shadows that I would have never imagined [...]

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The assessment task fell to Municipal Archives; after constructing a temporary field office in early July 2006, the assessment began immediately but it is expected to be ongoing until the end of 2006 [...]

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As of 2009 Joseph Wagenbach's legacy has been placed under the stewardship of the Joseph Wagenbach Foundation Link Goes To External Site

Joseph Wagenbach spent his early years helping out on the farm and inn. When both his older brothers died in the war and his father went missing, young Joseph became responsible for the inn, aged 15. However Joseph's father returned in 1946 and Joseph left his home only two weeks later [...]

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[...] It has now happened to me, that this has lead to an exploration of artistic work that I could never have anticipated "to come out of my hands" [...]

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Approximately 2 years ago [...] Iris told me about an idea for a work titled The House of the Artist; however she had not yet developed it due to the scale, intensity and logistics of the project. [...] Basically that was it, a single idea of immense proportions. I immediately knew we had to make this happen and that it would be an extremely significant project. [...]

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