Ou topos - a synthetic memory

Iris Häussler    (1989)

Herbststr. 105, Door 5, 2d. floor, app. No. 9, Vienna, Austria

A public housing project in the Vienna worker's district Ottakring. Visitors entered into the private space of an elderly man who had lived here in isolation. In his absence, his possessions, his everyday items of everyday activities, painted a portrait. But most striking were the remains of an obsessive activitiy that had led him to transform his living space into a workspace. He had cleared his bedroom to make room for crudely built rows of shelves; he had amassed a a food store of several thousands of cans: gulyas, lentils, vegetables and fruit; he had wrapped each one into thick lead foil and labeled it with its expiry date. They filled the shelves, they were piled in corners, they appeared in drawers, closets, cupboards...

The apartment was opened to the public for one month.

Scattered cans in the former bedroom

ou topos Wien
Preserves protected with lead foil

ou topos Wien
Livingroom - storage

ou topos Wien
Stamp on wallpaper: "morning"

ou topos Wien
Living space

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