Iris Haeussler    (1996)

Site specific installation:
Karl-Theodor-Str. 56, 3d. floor, app. No. 5, Munich, Germany

A studio apartment in a high-rise complex. The furniture was simple; stale air, disorder and uncleanliness defined the living space. Faded light areas on the wall defined the contours of pictures that had been removed. Emptied frames were stacked on the work table and the dining table and the former contents, photographs, were scattered on piles of photographs. With few exceptions, they had been completely obscured with a layer of black wax crayon. Some images however showed traces where someone had recently attempted to recover what lay beneath, carefully scratching away the cover. Just a few photographs had not been blackened. They allowed to a gain a glimpse of insight into a former family life. But the person who lived there could not be identified.

View of the apartment

Desk with blackened photograph

Cautious sgraffito, partially exposing the photograph beneath its covering black layer of wax.