It's In The Family

Iris Haeussler    1999

An arrangement of four wax blocks could be seen through the window of the gallery, like in a furniture store. They were sized as two infant's beds, the middle sized bed of a six year old child and the parent's bed, and contained their pillows and sheets, all of which had been cast in the wax blocks. The wax blocks fixed the state of "having just crawled out of bed". The familiar situation was made into a sculptural theme, but not clarified.

Opposite, the work "Die Dinge ordnen" (Putting Things in Order) was presented in the room. On the two walls, drawings were displayed; they were made with mother's milk, ear wax, pencil and stamp. Themes such as "generation", "family" and" individuality" became apparent.

ISART Gallery, Munich, 1999

Its in the family
Exhibition, ISART Galllery.
Parent's bed in the foreground, the two infant's beds to the rear.


Its in the family
Detail, sheet, older child


Its in the family
Detail, older child's bed