Honest Threads

Iris Haeussler    (2009)

January 22. to March 8. 2009
Honest Ed's Department Store, Toronto, Canada

Honest Threads displayed garments and the memories they carry. Lent by Torontonians, each item holds a personal story revealing a glimpse of the many threads that weave our identity over time. Visitors were be able to borrow the garments and wear them for a few days, experiencing both literally and psychologically what it is like to "walk in someone else's shoes." At the same time, they added new layers to the clothes' history. Trading experiences on both tactile and narrative levels can enrich our collective perception of the place we call home. As pieces of a vast puzzle, these individual stories render a fragmentary portrait of the city, attesting to its complex history.

Honest Threads was curated by Mona Filip as an offsite project of the Koffler Centre of the Arts. See also Honest Threads on blogspot.


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Honest Threads, installation view (c) Isaac Applebaum
Honest Threads, installation view (Photo: Isaac Applebaum).

Honest Threads, installation view (c) Isaac Applebaum
Honest Threads, installation view (Photo: Isaac Applebaum).

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